Admission Requirement


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.


Applicants with non-business background shall take undergraduate level business foundation courses before they resume the main program. (Business Management, Microeconomics, Business Statistics and Introduction to Accounting)


When there are applicants with same CGPA, entrance exam will be administered for selection


All documents with language other than English shall bring a translation.

Registration Process

  • Complete your online application form at ACT website
  • Non-refundable application fee (Please send the deposit slip)
  • Copy of original undergraduate diploma and student (PDF format)
  • Copy of Undergraduate and High school transcript (PDF format)
  • Two passport-size photographs (JPG format)
  • Copy of a non-expired identification document (PDF format)

Registration Fee

Digital Literacy Test

Why ACT’S Online MBA

  • Working professionals who are slowly becoming more managerial, or want to climb the corporate ladder, and need more holistic business knowledge in order to succeed - not just technical knowledge from their field.
  • With increased flexibility and access to many resources, our students in online MBA programs enjoy a host of benefits, both during their studies and after graduation. This makes ACT’s online programs much more attractive than traditional on-campus programs to many students. The following list details some widely recognized benefits of pursuing an online MBA at ACT.

Background of The Program

An online MBA offers the same rigorous curriculum as its on-campus counterpart; instructors simply tailor coursework to online platforms. Technology permits location- independent study, opening a variety of attractive educational options for prospective students. An online-based MBA offers an opportunity to attend remotely without the expense and hassle of relocation, and it permits you to have more control over your pace of study.

  • ACT is an Approved member of Oracle Academy where ACT students can enjoy free courses.
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The Online MBA is a general management degree requiring a minimum of 36 graduate credits. Our program is designed so that a student can complete the 36 graduate credits of degree requirements in about 2 years (Only one year and half course work and the remaining six months will be Thesis/Project). The curriculum of the College offers a range of business courses to train students to create new businesses that offer life-sustaining products and services. Issues of ethical integrity, social responsibility, technology, and environmental sustainability are integrated into all the business courses. Our Online MBA program presents a more cost-effective alternative to on- campus programs.

Core coursework for an MBA includes accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, and business law. Specializations may include business analytics, international business, entrepreneurship, management information systems, and real estate. Students typically acquire 2 years of work experience before entering an MBA program, with graduates commonly working in areas like consulting, operations, marketing, and finance. The program also offers courses that equip graduates with the skill that enables them to successfully manage effects of global business change, risk and diversity. The program also aims at producing professional business mangers that can undertake research, consultancy works and training in management disciplines. The program produces professionals that capable of creating new businesses that offer life-sustaining products and services handling various business tasks in private, government and non-government organizations at local, national and global level.

The Master’s program in Business Administration (MBA) is expected to provide students with the skills and knowledge that enable them to integrate various business functions with the overall strategy of an organization. Therefore, the proposed program is designed in such a way that it equips graduates with advanced tools of entrepreneurship, project management ,business research, and skillful identification of consumers’ needs, enhanced integrated communication, and improved arts of commodity marketing, professional business development and consultancy, global marketing and higher-level skills in strategic planning for organizations.

Our MBA Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online MBA course like?

Online MBA programs provide the same educational content that is taught in a classroom setting, but include additional benefits like always-on access to course work, quick responses from instructors, classmate discussion groups, instant progress tracking and much more. Individuals interested in gaining the skill sets necessary to lead in today's global marketplace should apply.

What are the courses to be covered?

You can find our unique online MBA Program Core Courses on our website. Please check out

Do I need an undergraduate business degree

We welcome applications from a wide variety of backgrounds and do not look for or favor specific undergraduate majors. Business classes are not required before entering the MBA Program. Those from none-business related graduates we require you take the bridging courses. Please check “Bridging Courses” requirement above.

What is the Schedule?

Virtual sessions will be conducted in the evening during week days, and/or Weekends via an online platform (Zoom) that allows you to see and interact with faculty and classmates.

What does the offline content look like?

Each class includes offline content in addition to the weekly class sessions that you complete at your own pace. This may include lectures recorded by professors, assignments or group work to augment and reinforce the classroom learning.

Can I transfer into the full-time program if I want to?

Yes. Because the curriculum is exactly the same across all of our MBA formats, you can switch to full time for any reason and you won’t miss a beat in the transition. After finishing the first year of core classes, students may transfer to take advantage of an internship opportunity or to speed up the time to graduation.