Exam Schedule

Below are the exam schedules for year 2021

  • Saturday April 12
  • Saturday May 15
  • Saturday June 12
  • Saturday July 10
  • Saturday August 21
  • Saturday September 18
  • Saturday October 16
  • Saturday November 20
  • Saturday December 18
General Instruction

Complete all the application procedures with MUM’s Admission Office.

Call American College of Technology at 251-11-8124488 and reserve your sit. Please note that American College of Technology is authorized by MUM to administer the test only. All other admission and related information/questions should be communicated with MUM Admission office only.

Deposit testing fee of 1,500 Birr at DASHEN BANK Account Number 0387973245011. Please bring your deposit slip to our office before the exam date and reserve your seat.

About the Exam

The total test time will be 2 hours, no exceptions.

It will be a paper-based test and blank sheets will be provided.

All test questions are copyrighted and you are not allowed to copy, take a picture, scan or distributed.

You are not allowed to take test questions to home after the exam.

During the Exam

Exam will start at 9:30 am (3:30 in the morning) local time.

Print your name and your MUM issued ID number on top of every page of your answer sheets.

Cell phone should be switched off and stored away for the duration of the test.

Any use of electronic device​ (Including Laptop) ​ is not allowed during the test.

Do not bring any paper or reference material, or even blank papers.

Bring Pen or Pencil or both depending on your preference. ​

There is no in & out privilege or restroom break for the duration of the test.

All test question papers will be returned at the end of the test.

Please do not bring personal belonging with you as we do not have lockers to store them.

Failing to follow instruction or any unwarranted behavior during the test will be reported to MUM ComPro office.