COVID-19 Pandemic Updates and planned activities

According to information and data obtained from the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and UNICEF Websites, the number of people who have contracted COVID-19 is surging. In comparison to the global trend, Ethiopia is relatively doing well. However, this trend will not continue as before as schools and universities start to open their doors for accepting incoming students from various parts of the country. To avoid such tragedy and continue the healthy teaching and learning activities, Rift Valley University has put in place all the necessary precaution measures by availing physical equipment and psychological preparations, including signs and posts that inform and warn stakeholders to contribute their part in fighting COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, despite some breakthrough in containing this pandemic on many fronts, many experts and scientist warn that this pandemic will live with humanity for the coming two years; hence to survive in such a New Normal way of life, all stakeholders need to adopt strict personal and collective responsibilities that would enable us to co-exist. Let us live and allow others to live!