Master of Business Administration (MBA)


About MBA Program

The Master’s program in Business Administration (MBA) provides students with the skills and knowledge that enable them to integrate various business functions with the overall strategy of an organization. Therefore, the program is designed in such a way that it equips graduates with advanced tools of entrepreneurship, project management, business research, and skillful identification of consumers’ need, enhanced integrated communication, and improved arts of commodity marketing, professional business development and consultancy, global marketing and higher-level skills in strategic planning for organizations.

MBA instruction is delivered through a hybrid of online instruction and face-face instruction. MUM instructors will be present in Ethiopia to deliver some face to face instruction in at least half of the MBA courses.

Objectives of the MBA Program

This MBA program is planned to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Provide an underpinning  knowledge and skills needed by senior managers at the strategic management level so that they can contribute to and improve the achievement of their organization’s strategic objectives;
  • Provide an analytical and multi-perspective framework that  enables trainees  to recognize, identify and evaluate key management issues which critically impact organizational performance and strategic direction;
  • Enhance the student's ability to integrate into the strategic thinking, direction setting, planning and operation of the organization;
  • Building governance and leadership capacity of higher government officials to enhance development efforts and administrative responsibility.
  • Provide opportunities to trainees to use their practical experiences to enhance their line of profession. 
  • Develop participants understanding of theories and practices management and leadership. 
  • Develop critical reflection skills and engagement with organization theory to understand, and where appropriate, challenge existing individual and organizational perspectives and practices
  • Develop, and where appropriate, apply new knowledge to add value by enhancing organizational capability
  • Develop understanding of the organization’s strategic focus and environment and the impact of the interrelationship between resources, customers, in a changing context
  • Develop commitment to continuous personal and professional development, independent and reflective learning
  • Develop particular expertise and understanding in the fields of leadership and management
  • Engage in individual research and demonstrate the ability to understand and apply management theory
  • Enhance interpersonal and team working skills
  • Learn from the experience of other participants on the program
  • Develop into modern, well-rounded and outward looking managers with a high concern for customers and other stakeholders, capable of taking responsibility for themselves, their people, their areas of responsibility and their organization.