Admission Requirement


A bachelor’s degree accredited institution with an overall undergraduate CGPA of at least 2.0


A successful completion of a Master’s Degree in any field of study is also allowed to apply for admission into the program;


Pass the entrance exam given by the department based on field related, analytical & communication skills. Applicants those score the same result will be farther evaluated and selected based on education background, gender and work experience.


Applicants from any education background can join the program, however, applicant from non-business field shall take undergraduate level business foundation courses before they resume the main program.

Registration Process

In order to be admitted to the online program and begin learning, you must meet certin conditions. Before you begin the application process, double-check that you meet the minimus requirements.

  • You must pass the digital literacy examination.
  • Sufficient skill on how to use digital devices and the internet.
  • A computer with Webcam, speaker and microphone.
  • Stable internet connection.

See our registration fee

Please deposit your registration fee to one of the following bank account

CBE: 1000416439207
BOA: 67483464

Local Students


done Application Fee
1,000 Birr
done Tuition Fees
1,500 Birr Per Credit
Foreign Students


done Application Fee $25 USD
done Tuition Fees $110 USD Per Credit
Local Students


done Application Fee 1,000 Birr
done Tuition Fees 1,500 Birr Per Credit
Foreign Students


done Application Fee $25 USD
done Tuition Fees $110 USD Per Credit

Background of the program


The MAL is a general management degree requiring a minimum of 36 graduate credits. Our program is designed so that a student can complete the 36 graduate credits of degree requirements in about 2 years. The curriculum of the College offers a range of business and project courses to train students to create new businesses that offer life-sustaining products and services. Issues of ethical integrity, social responsibility, technology, and environmental sustainability are integrated into all the business courses.


The business environment is in constant state of change. This creates a situation that forces organizations to strive to adapt themselves to the changing environment, which requires them to have highly skilled manpower. Business discipline of which is constantly changing because of the dynamic nature of the domestic and global markets. Within such an environment, the need for highly trained leadership professionals is felt more strongly today than ever before, as marketing is no longer limited to the conduct of few tasks within a department of a company. It is the driving force behind a company’s vision, mission and strategic planning of goods, services, ideas, information and place.


The Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) is expected to provide students with the skills and knowledge that enable them to integrate various leadership functions with the overall strategy of an organization. Therefore, the proposed program is designed in such a way that it equips graduates with advanced tools of leadership skills, business research, and skillful identification of consumers’ needs, enhanced integrated communication, and improved arts of commodity marketing, professional business development and consultancy, global marketing and higher-level skills in strategic planning for organizations.


The program also offers courses that equip graduates with the skill that enables them to successfully manage effects of global business change, risk and diversity. The program also aims at producing professional business mangers that can undertake research, consultancy works and training in management disciplines.


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Admissions Office

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We provide online orientation session every friday at 12:00 Local Time, register here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Leadership programs provide the same educational content that is taught in a classroom setting, but include additional benefits like always-on access to course work, quick responses from instructors, classmate discussion groups, instant progress tracking and much more. Individuals interested in gaining the skill sets necessary to lead in today's global marketplace should apply.
You can find our unique online Leadership Program Core Courses on our website.
We welcome applications from a wide variety of backgrounds and do not look for or favor specific undergraduate majors. Business classes are not required before entering the Leadership Program. Those from none-business related graduates we require you take the bridging courses. Please check “Bridging Courses” requirement above.
Virtual sessions will be conducted in the evening during week days, and/or Weekends via an online platform (Microsoft Teams) that allows you to see and interact with faculty and classmates.
Each class includes offline content in addition to the weekly class sessions that you complete at your own pace. This may include lectures recorded by professors, assignments or group work to augment and reinforce the classroom learning.
Yes. Because the curriculum is exactly the same across all of our MBA formats, you can switch to full time for any reason and you won’t miss a beat in the transition. After finishing the first year of core classes, students may transfer to take advantage of an internship opportunity or to speed up the time to graduation.